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What students are saying

4 weeks ago
Verified Purchase
this is a great course, I love Autodesk sketchbook. But I didn't really understand on how to make great looking art in the pc/app program . And this course really helped a lot, thank you
Review of "Character Design Made Easy" course
2 weeks ago
Verified Purchase
Es un curso ameno, corto y sencillo que se centra en la exploración de personajes. Isaac es claro y sus diseños son muy interesantes. Aquí no vas a aprender nada de desarrollo, si es lo que buscas este no es tu curso. Sin embargo es muy bueno para aprender técnicas de creatividad, para salirte de tu zona de confort y conseguir personajes interesantes y originales. Recomiendo hacer los ejercicios que aconseja como prácticas habituales para mantener la mente activa y afrontar los encargos de perso
+ Show more
najes sin bloqueos. Otra cosa que recomiendo es tematizar los ejercicios, es decir, si quieres aprender a diseñar animales humanizados enfoca todas las tareas a eso, y lo mismo con cualquier otra temática.
Review of "Character Design Made Easy" course
Dandelion U.
2 weeks ago
Verified Purchase
This was a great course for expanding your brain's perception and making good use of the resources within your grasp. Knowing different methods of inquiry to attempt experimentation without the stress of a completed subjects is a valuable skill. Thanks!
Review of "Character Design Made Easy" course

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 21 Draw?

21 Draw is an online learning community where students of all skill levels can learn how to be a better artist. Our contributing artists and instructors are the best in the world.

Our streaming platform on makes it possible for anyone to watch hundreds of video lessons by industry legends who have worked for Disney, Marvel, DC, Dreamworks, Pixar & more. A membership gives full access to our streaming platform.

On you can buy our popular learn-to-draw ebooks and physical books, separate from the courses, and they too are also delivered to you by the heavyweights of the art industry.

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What is included in the membership?

Membership includes unlimited access to all 35+ courses taught by the world’s best artists PLUS new courses as they are released.

Each class includes 10-20 video lessons that are 7 minutes long on average. Most classes include exercise sheets, assignments, and layered PSD or PNG files.

Some classes include the ability to chat with the instructor in a public forum, e.g. if you want feedback on your artwork.

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Do I receive a certificate after I complete a course?

Yes! When you complete a 21 Draw course, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you can download and share with your friends, relatives, co-workers, and potential employers!

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Are these online or offline courses?

21 Draw courses are on-demand (pre-recorded) video tutorials that you can watch online with any digital devices anytime and for an unlimited number of times! This means you can easily watch (and rewatch) them at your own pace and convenience.

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Can a beginner follow along?

We have classes for all levels, even for those with zero drawing experience. In general, artists at all levels can benefit from these courses—whether beginner, intermediate or advanced.

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Do the courses teach digital or traditional art?

Many lessons in our courses apply to both digital and traditional art. In a few tutorials, digital drawing software, e.g. Photoshop or Procreate for iPad is required. However, for the majority of lessons it is more about the underlying concepts and all that is needed is a pen and paper.

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Can I download the course videos?

You can download the course resources (exercise sheets, assignments, PSD files, etc.) from the site, but you cannot download the video lessons to your computer.

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How much does a membership cost?

Normally it costs $235/year. However, there is a special sale running now for a limited time: Save 75%! This means you can get an annual membership for just $59 USD/year.

Also available is a monthly membership at $10.99 USD/month.

If you purchase the annual or monthly membership at a discounted price, it will remain at that price for each consecutive year/month, so long as your membership is not cancelled.

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How does the 30-day guarantee work?

If for any reason at all you are unhappy with our courses or feel it isn’t what you are looking for—then just fill out this form or email us at [email protected]. We’ll be more than happy to give you a full refund within 30 days of your first purchase. No questions asked. Just a guarantee you can trust.

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How do I cancel my membership?

You can easily cancel your membership renewal on your My Account page. Follow the prompts to cancel (Billing > Change Plan > Cancel Membership) and your membership will immediately be terminated. Please note: Refunds ONLY possible within 30 days after the date of purchase.

If you have more questions, please check out our Knowledge base or write to us here. We’re happy to assist in any way we can!

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