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Andrea Cofrancesco

Andrea works in the gaming, film, and publishing industries as a professional concept artist and character designer. He is known for his distinct anime-style cartoons.

Andrea Cofrancesco, Concept Artist and Anime Character Designer

Andrea is a professional concept artist and character designer working in the gaming, film, and publishing industries. His art style is heavily influenced by anime.

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His first love for art started with the 16-bit era in the 90s: the early fighting games, epic Filmation’s cartoons, and all the colorful old-school anime, like Orange Road.

After graduating in acoustic physics and electronic music at the University of Music in Rome, and a short yet intense music/studio career, Andrea decided to follow his real passion for visual arts.

His work currently ranges from creating in-game graphics, maps, and environments for video and card games, illustrations for children’s books and comics, and concept art for animated films.

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