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Isabelle Staub Galaxy Girl illustration

Isabelle Staub

Isabelle Staub is a US-based freelance artist, specializing in vibrant digital portraits and character design with incredible attention to detail.

Isabelle Staub, Freelance Illustrator

Isabelle Staub artist photo

Isabelle started creating art at a very young age and went on to receive a BFA in Illustration at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia. The culmination of dedicated work and a burning passion has propelled her to become a recognized artist worldwide.

Her popular series ‘Disney animals transformed into human characters’ went viral on social media, leading to collaborations with companies such as Marvel and MGA Entertainment.

Art has always been a love of mine from before I could remember. I pour my heart, mind, and soul into every piece I create.

Isabelle’s versatility and creative talent allowed her to work with brands such as Dynamite Comics, Wacom, TikTok, Corel Painter, and more. Teaming up with CASETiFY, she created an entire line of gorgeous device cases.

Along with creating original artwork for her clients, she also uses her social media platforms to educate others, passing on her artistic knowledge and expertise. Isabelle currently lives in Philadelphia and has two adorable cats.

What advice would you give to new artists?

Be easy on yourself! Being an artist is a journey, not a destination. Try not to compare yourself to people further along in their journey. You will get there!

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