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Graphite abstract illustration by Jadokar


JADOKAR is a content creation channel with over 2m followers run by brothers, Soso and David, who create entertaining, art-related videos on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Soso Chkhaidze, Executive artist, Co-Creative Director

Soso Chkhaidze Jadokar

David Chkhaidze, Creative Director & Director Of Photography

David Chkhaidze Jadokar

Together they aspire to NoT StOp HeRe and produce more engaging and meaningful art projects of all kinds!

Soso Chkhaidze

Soso is an artist, who initially studied Product Design and then later on, Architecture. After his studies, he worked as a storyboard artist and comic book illustrator. Eventually, together with his brother, David, he created a content creation channel, JADOKAR, which took off on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok with millions of followers! Soso lets his creativity flow freely out on paper, teaching and showing just how far one’s imagination can take them artistically. But for all of his crazy ideas and ways of executing them, he needed a partner in crime…

David Chkhaidze

David was always greatly interested in filmmaking. He started creating short films when he was eight years old and went on to study Cinematography from a Director of Photography and an excellent teacher, Gia Gersamia. After spending eight years in the movie industry, working in multiple departments as a Gaffer, 1st AC, DoP, and Director, he decided to partner with his brother, Soso, to create JADOKAR. David now creates ideas for original content and directs the videography, along with planning and executing their long-format YouTube videos.

Our Motivation

After spending several years in various professional fields, David and Soso decided to branch out as a team to work on their own art projects together. Despite their initial endeavors going largely unnoticed, they believed in themselves and were fully committed to their passion, which eventually led to great success!

Working in a professional field is beneficial, but at some point, you might want to spread your wings. If we could achieve our goals, with no budget, working from one tiny room with minimal equipment … then YOU can too!

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