About The Books

Book 1 is called 21 Draw. It will teach you about character design, movement and expression and it's drawn by over 100 amazing artists who have worked for Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Rockstar Games, Marvel, D.C Comics, Capcom and other giants of the entertainment and gaming industry. Each artist presents their unique character design in front and side poses, action poses, as well as facial and hand expressions, helping you improve your character design skills. There are also 12 tutorials where the artists talk you through their design process. The book is over 250 pages and is full color and is a must have for any artist, professional or beginner! 

Who should buy this book?

These books are for everyone. It doesn't matter if you are a comic artist, illustrator, game designer, animator, graffiti artist, obsessive doodler, professional or hobbyist; you will love these books or you get your money back!


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About us!

21 Draw is an exciting new start-up that is dedicated to bringing you books that will help yoou be a better artist. We work with the best artists alive today in order to help you reach your artistic goals. We have offices in the US and Europe.


Still have questions?

Drop us a line at contact@21-draw.com or visit us on facebook where we have 22,000 fans! You can check out our first book campaign on IndieGogo and you can check out our second book campaign on Kickstarter! Chat soon!

Meet the Artists...

Warren Louw

Otto Schmidt

Kim Jung Gi

More amazing artists...

Ariel Olivetti

Steve Rude

Tom Bancroft

Loopy Dave


Stanley "Artgerm" Lau

"This is a really cool project with so many amazing artists!"

Warren Louw

"It's awesome to be in these books. The line up of talent is unbelievable!"

Steve Rude

"I wish I had these books when I was starting my career."

Charlie Bowater

Gerardo Sandoval

Copyright © 21 Draw 2015

All artworks belong to their respective owners.

Increase your knowledge of anatomy & proportion

Get better at drawing perspective & backgrounds

Learn about line weight, coloring & composition

Create amazing characters with indepth tutorials!

Get over 1000 amazing character design references

Improve your ability to draw hands & faces

Increase your knowledge of action poses

Learn from 100 famous artists

 Only $59 (ebook only $29)


Only $55 (ebook only $29)

Xmas offer - Only $99 ($114)

"An excellent guide from a stunning variety of top-notch artists. You will gain much from its study."

Ariel Olivetti

Tom Bancroft

"I am honored to be part of this project."

Book 2 is called Illustrator's Guidebook. You get detailed "how to" tutorials about anatomy & proportion, character creation, perspective, composition, cityscapes/landscapes, line weight, coloring and loads more! If you're an aspiring artists or illustrator you need this book, as it will help you improve your skills. We hired some of the top artists in the world for you from companies like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Marvel, D.C Comics and more! We are only taking orders up until we do our first print run, then they're gone forever, so get your copy now!


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