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Best Creature Design Course

Ryan here.

We are so happy with the release of our brand new Creature Design video course. With help of 1259 backers who together pledged $120,000 we are proud to finally release Creature Design as part of the Illustrator’s Masterclass video series, our third succesfull kickstarter project in a row!

Order Creature Design NOW for $49.99 only!

The Creature Design tutorial has been one of the most anticipated creature design drawing courses in the series developed by two legends in the field Loopy Dave and Kenneth Anderson. What makes this art tutorial so unique is that you can see how two masters approach a real-life brief of “a croc going to the dentist” from initial concept to final polished image, allowing you to compare both drawing methods.

In this video course you will learn:

  • Learn about creature anatomy
  • Learn about storytelling when it comes to creature design
  • Learn how to go from ideas to sketches in a structured way
  • Develop your skills in colour & lighting
  • Learn about textures

The creature design course is part of the “Illustrator’s Masterclass package” developed by industry legends who have worked for Disney, Marvel, DC, Dreamworks, Pixar & more! In the full masterclass series you will learn:

Master them with the best artists and teachers in the world like Tom Bancroft, Warren Louw, Loopydave, Kenneth Anderson, CHAMBA and more.

1259 amazing backers helped to bring this project to life! Right now you can buy Creature Design as a separate course for only 49USD, or buy the entire how to draw series for only 99USD. Make sure to not miss out before prices go up!

Get the full Illustrator’s Masterclass for ONLY $99!

There are very few art courses in the world where you get to learn from such a diverse and huge array of different industry artists. If you are still not convinced make sure to sign up for the FREE course How to create a superhero with Tom Bancroft.

YOU will learn from the BEST artists in the world, and you will have fun along the way as you reach your artistic goals!

Order Creature Design NOW for $49.99 only!

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