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Artist highlight!

May 06, 2022
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Here at 21 Draw we have heaps of amazingly talented artists contributing to our courses and books. These artists are always bringing out stunning new work. So today I have gathered some of their latest awesome designs for you to check out! 

Aveline Stokart (@aveline_stokart)

Aveline Stokart

First, we have the work of visual development artist Aveline Stokart, whose “Mastering Lighting and Shading” course has become a massive hit on our site! The skills taught in this course can clearly be seen in Aveline’s gorgeous digital character designs above. Aveline’s work is extremely effective at capturing a character’s emotions and through this grabbing the viewer’s attention. For any artists looking to improve the expressiveness of their character, I think Aveline’s work is definitely worth checking out for inspiration!

Laia Lopez @itslopez

Laia Lopez

Based in Barcelona, amazing illustrator Laia Lopez has grown a huge online following for her beautiful character illustrations. Her use of gorgeous pencil-like line work to create eye-catching and brightly colored digital artworks is really inspiring! If you enjoy absolutely adorable fanart and super detailed character drawings Laia’s Instagram is definitely worth a follow. Laia made an inspiring course titled “Digital Illustration for Beginners” which has over 200 student reviews and includes great student material! This course will teach you everything an artist needs to know about their Wacom tablet- and how to create amazing illustrations using it! 

Loish (@loisvb)


Dutch artist Loish is well known in the concept design industry. If you haven’t come across her work yet you may be living under a rock. Seriously, though, check her out now if you haven’t! Her unique concept design work is featured in the first three of our books and her artistic knowledge is definitely worth the read. Loish is incredibly talented in the way in which she captures the organic flow of objects with her eye-catching linework and color compositions. Her works have a dreamlike feeling that truly engages you as a viewer. If you are looking for artistic inspiration that will surely push you to improve your own work, give Loish’s advice a read!

Erika Wiseman (@erikathegoober)

Erika Wiseman
Erika Wiseman

Last but not least, we have the gorgeous work of American artist Erika Wiseman. Erica’s work features a huge range of adorable characters that are brought to life by her use of vivid color schemes and dynamic poses. Her works have an incredibly upbeat feel that is sure to enhance anyone’s day. If you are looking to improve your character designs or your artistic social media presence, you need to check out Erika’s designs—she certainly knows her stuff. Her courses on Procreate and social media for artists are definitely worth a watch. Check out all of her courses here.

So who was your favorite artist from today’s highlight? I hope their works have inspired you to get out there and start creating!


Rhea is an Australian concept artist who is currently studying at Griffith University. She is passionate about spreading her love of art to others.

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