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“mmm toes…”. Our most popular Instagram post!

Human anatomy is challenging for many artists. One of our most popular Instagram posts all time is our popular FEET REFERENCE SHEET by the amazing @reiqinstagram from our last book!⁠

Besides, the reference sheet got over 4,000 likes in just one week – the comments were so funny we just had to share this.

mmmmm toes” …. 

Yup that’s how feet look and work, ayup, uh huh, mhmm

oh god… please tell me those are girl feet…

And last but not least.

Somebody send this to Rob Liefeld.

Admittedly we just could not stop lauching.

Here is the link to the original instagram post. Just in case you want to leave a comment… 🙂 

Artwork and contribution by the insanely talented Reinaldo Quintero from our best selling artbook The Illustrators Guidebook, the ultimate tool for practicing the basics of illustration.


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