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NEW TUTORIAL: How to Draw a Cartoon Character from Scratch with the Procreate app

See preview video of our latest course on How to Draw a Cartoon Character

Have you ever dreamed of drawing your own cartoon character from scratch but have little experience or want to brush up on your skills?

Then this course is for you. Maria shows you how to draw a cartoon character from start to finish covering all stages of the creative process: sketching, colouring, shading and refining your artwork.

She uses the Procreate app on her iPad Pro but all you need for this tutorial is a digital drawing software like Procreate or even Photoshop.

Here is a small sample of the things you will learn:⁠

⁠✅ Learn how to draw a mannequin and use sketching

✅ Learn to convert realistic shapes & proportions into “cartoony” ones

✅ Plan ahead your colour palette & experiment with layers & brushes

⁠✅ Pick the right colour scheme to get the desired character effects

✅ Add the final touches that make a cartoon character look more real⁠

⁠✅ Use lighting & shading to make your artwork pop out of the page

And plenty more! 

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