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21 Things to Draw When Bored

Oct 03, 2023

Boredom may feel like a creativity killer, but if you take action, it can also fuel your imagination and make you better at art.

In fact, those idle moments when your mind is yearning for a distraction can be the perfect time to flex your fingers and draw something.

In this blog post, we’ve curated ideas to help you transform your moments of boredom into opportunities for artistic expression.

So, grab your pencils, clear your mind, and prepare to explore things to draw when bored.


Draw Rose

Roses are excellent for those seeking an easy drawing idea amidst boredom. These captivating blossoms, with their complex layers and grace, offer many drawing possibilities.

You can start by sketching a single rose, paying attention to its twisting petals and spiky stem. You could then challenge yourself with a bouquet to practice your understanding of perspective and depth.


Illustration Trees

Trees offer an engaging yet simple subject to draw. Sketching trees, whether petite bonsai in a pot or a mighty oak with sprawling roots, can help you understand shapes and forms.

Their varying sizes and types present opportunities to play around with textures, like the rough bark or clumps of leaves.

You can explore different techniques to depict light and shadow, adding depth to your creation. With their calming nature and simplicity, drawing trees can be a therapeutic exercise, making them a perfect subject to draw.


Draw Cartoon Dragon When Bored

Dragons, with their mythological allure and majestic forms, are a thrilling subject when looking for something exciting to draw.

Start with the basics, outlining a reptilian head, body, and joint structure, much like you would with any animal drawing. Then, add elements of fantasy – maybe fierce, sharp teeth, smoky breath, or expansive, leathery wings.

Experiment with different shapes, sizes, and expressions.

These creatures serve as cool drawing ideas when you’re bored, injecting a dose of imagination and wonder into your sketches.

Human Eyes


The eye, often considered the window to the soul, is a fascinating subject to sketch during periods of boredom.

It’s an opportunity to practice drawing a highly intricate and expressive part of the human anatomy. Diving into its detailes can hone your observation and portraiture skills.



The lovable, charming koala makes for a delightful subject to sketch during idle moments.

A koala’s rounded body, large nose, and fluffy ears offer an opportunity to explore shapes and textures in your drawing.

You can add an extra layer of creativity by not just drawing a single koala but a whole family or perhaps a group of koalas, each with a different expression.

Whether a playful baby koala reaching for a eucalyptus leaf or a sleepy adult dozing in a tree, the various poses and interactions offer an entertaining way to hone your drawing skills.

Ninja Squirrel

When Bored Draw Ninja Squirrel

Venture into the world of imaginative drawing with an unexpected yet amusing subject – the Ninja Squirrel.

Begin with simple shapes to outline the basic structure, then add exciting details like the eyes, nose, and signature ninja mask.

Next step – give life to your sketch by adding textures.

Incorporate a soft, furry texture for the body, differentiate it with a smoother texture for the ears, and create a distinct texture for the feet.

Rippling Flags

Rippling Flags

Drawing rippling flags is an engaging subject to delve into when you’re looking for things to pencil sketch in your spare time.

The ability to capture the movement and texture of the fabric is highly appreciated in various fields, such as interior decoration, theatre arts, and fashion design.

While sketching a flag, you’ll practice a range of drawing techniques. Concepts like foreshortening, shading, and size variations play significant roles in crafting an illusion of depth.

As you manage the visual tension in the fabric’s ebb and flow, you’re not only crafting a convincing depiction of a rippling flag but also enhancing your skillset to portray texture and motion.

Penguin Glacier

Penguin Glacier

Creating a Penguin Glacier scene is an entertaining way to keep boredom at bay.

This composition combines the elements of rugged ice and adorable penguins, offering a unique drawing experience. Using a drawing direction reference cube, you can easily create foreshortened, jagged edges of the glacier, which adds depth to your sketch.

Penguins, becoming smaller as they recede towards the horizon line, further enhances depth. 

Do you want to learn the drawing ideas we have shared so far?

Check our course “Learn to Draw in 21 Days,” which takes you from the absolute basics of drawing to mastering 1-point and 2-point perspective drawing and beyond.

Cute Animals

Draw Cute Animals When Bored

Drawing cute animals is an adorable drawing idea that provides a delightful and accessible starting point for those seeking to doodle during their downtime.

Start drawing simple yet cool things, like a playful representation of your pet dog, a charming rabbit, a cuddly cat, or a lively bird. These adorable subjects are enjoyable to sketch and add a burst of cheer to your sketchbook.

The ability to draw adorable animals has a wide appeal, opening doors to numerous fields like animation, graphic design, storyboarding, and more.

Learn to create a variety of animal characters with our course “Designing Fun Animal Characters.”


Draw Caricatures

Drawing caricatures is a great idea to combat boredom. This art form pushes you to focus on and magnify unique facial features, resulting in a whimsical or exaggerated portrait.

It calls for sharp observation, imagination, and a dash of humor, as it involves a deep dive into the intricacies of facial structures, expressions, and peculiar traits.

The challenge of caricature drawing lies in balancing exaggeration and accuracy

Not only does it provide an entertaining diversion, but also teaches you how to capture the essence of your subject, simplify details, and develop a stylistic consistency.

With our “Drawing Caricatures” course, you’ll be able to learn the art of creating humorous and exaggerated depictions of your loved ones or famous personalities. 

Dark Fantasy Characters

Draw Fantasy Characters When Bored

Drawing dark fantasy characters will ignite your imagination and also help you master the art of painting realistic eyes, noses, mouths, and hair.

Drawing fantasy characters also teaches you how to draw metals, auras, and clothing.

If you are feeling adventurous, you can breathe life into these fantasy beings by adding intricate details and fashioning unique outfits and props.

Manga Characters

Manga Characters

Delving into the world of Manga characters is an exciting drawing idea that can easily captivate both budding and seasoned artists.

Manga drawing lets you create a realm where your imagination rules supreme.

Manga characters have expressive features and dynamic poses, which provide an opportunity for artistic exploration.

To learn more about the unique characteristics of manga art, our course “Draw a Manga Character” is the perfect option. 

Cartoon Characters

Cartoon Characters

Sketching cartoon characters like SpongeBob SquarePants or Mickey Mouse is an enjoyable activity for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just someone looking for a fun drawing idea, these characters provide a fantastic platform for exploration.

If you are a beginner artist, start with a reference image and begin drawing the main shapes.

Then, delve into the details – clothes, fur, facial features, and more. This process allows you to perfect your sketching skills. It offers a chance to relive cherished childhood memories associated with these characters.

Check out our course “How to Draw a Cartoon Character” and watch a detailed tutorial for drawing a cartoon character from start to finish.

Comic Characters

Comic Characters

Exploring the world of comic characters can be an exhilarating way to transform your downtime into a creative adventure. Unlike naturalistic drawings, comic characters typically feature exaggerated or stylized body and face structures, adding more fun to your sketches.

Dive into our course “Stylized Anatomy for Comics” to master creating realistic yet stylized figures similar to those seen in iconic Marvel and DC comics.

This course is a peek into how professionals create compelling, stylized, yet realistic characters for the comic industry.

Anime Characters

Anime Characters

When boredom strikes, drawing anime characters offers an escape.

Starting with a conceptual foundation, such as a brief description of the character’s physical features and narrative role, can make the drawing process smoother. Gather various references that align with your vision to flesh out your anime character.

If you’re a budding artist with a passion for anime characters, the “Introduction to Digital Drawing.” course is a must-try. Designed for beginners, it zeroes in on essential digital techniques using tools in Clip Studio Paint.

With clear demonstrations and a tailored approach, you’ll find yourself confidently creating mesmerizing anime art.

Drawing Poses

Draw Character Poses When Bored

Drawing character poses presents an engaging challenge when you’re hunting for things to draw.

The power of a pose lies in its ability to capture a specific moment in time, effectively conveying the character’s mood and action.

Try drawing a character standing normally. Then, draw them again, showing strong feelings like being surprised or happy.

This practice aids in understanding the impact of design on character poses and how they communicate emotions.

For a deeper insight into creating effective character poses, refer to our article “Drawing Character Poses,” which outlines the fundamental principles in this area. This venture is a fun way to enhance your sketching skills and bring your characters to life.

Hand Gestures

If it’s a challenge that you need to jolt you out of boredom, draw hand gestures.

Drawing hand gestures is a productive way to utilize free time. It allows beginners to tap into the rich expressiveness of hands, enhancing the emotional depth of their work.

Hands are among the most challenging body parts to depict accurately, so practicing them can lead to significant skill improvement.

Dive into our course “Creating Expressive Characters” to gain insight into drawing hand gestures that harmonize with and enhance your character’s pose.


Draw Landscapes

Drawing landscapes is a good way to refresh while you observe nature and capture its beauty.

Start your artistic journey by selecting an inspiring photo or even the view from your window.

Begin by outlining the large shapes, gradually weaving in the intricate details like contours, rocks, and vegetation. The subtle textures of trees and blades of grass add an extra dimension to your artwork.

Using a grid can enhance the accuracy of your drawing.

Our course, “Introduction to Landscapes,” is a wonderful resource for those wishing to learn the secrets of drawing landscapes.

Realistic Portraits

Drawing Portraits

Drawing portraits is a fun way to get better at sketching faces and drawing personalities. Start with a reference photo, outline the head, and plot out the main features. Dive into the details to bring it all together.

If you’re looking to dive deeper, our course “Painting Portraits in Gouache” is a great next step to enhance your skills and grasp human expressions better.

Creatures in Imaginary Settings


Drawing creatures is like mixing your favorite animals with a sprinkle of fantasy and a dash of storytelling.

Pick your favourite animal, get to know its quirks, and let your imagination run wild.

This helps you whip up awesome beasts in no time.

Want to level up your creature game? Check out our “Creature Design” course. It’ll boost your skills and make your designs pop.

Human Body

Human Body

Drawing people is tricky because of the details, but it’s super satisfying once you get the hang of it.

Start with basic stick figures to get the hang of proportions. Then, add some meat to those bones, paying extra attention to tricky bits like hands and faces. Getting the body’s movement right makes your drawings come alive.

Want to get even better? Dive into our “Figure Drawing For Beginners” course.

It’ll take you from basic doodles to awesome, lifelike sketches. It is an ideal course if you want to create your very own superhero.


Turn your free moments into art by sketching simple lines, smileys, or shapes. From elegant roses to adorable animals, there’s a world of drawings to explore.

Remember, in art, there’s no right or wrong, just a canvas for self-expression. The more you sketch, the better you get.

Starting out? Check out our “Fundamentals of Drawing” course. For a deeper dive into realism, our “Mastering Lighting and Shading” course is spot on.

We’ve got a range of courses to fit any artistic itch. Browse all our drawing courses here.


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